DSC_0073.jpgBill Migneault

It has been a tremendous honor to have led this company for the last 21 years. We have seen many challenges in our dynamic industry and we are proud to have weathered the many tides of change as well. Many of the changes we have endured have come at a personal and professional cost. Fortunately for all of us, God has blessed us as we have never taken our eyes of Him and give Him the credit for any successes we may have had or will have in the future. This is the cornerstone of our organization. We are here to help God change lives every day. As you know, God doesn't need any of us to accomplish His will, but He delights in those that chose to want to do His will and He will provide the means for us to do so. That's where we come in.

People move for many reasons. Some move because it is their rite of passage, maybe a separation or divorce has beset the family or their economic circumstances have changed. There are many reasons why people move, but they are all lead to us and I believe that we have a responsibility to show them that we care.

At the top of our Letterhead are the words, Stewardship and Accountability. We take both of those words very seriously when it comes to managing our properties. Stewardship is an ethic that embodies responsible planning and management of resources. (Wikipedia) When was the last time ethics were an issue in your business or personal life? To incorporate and display an ethical environment in the workplace is rare these days. We want to be the embodiment of an ethical workplace. Accountability for us means to set a standard of excellence that is quantifiable and sustainable. Our goal is to set the bar so that there is absolutely no question as to our integrity when it comes to critical challenges and the corporate culture in every aspect of decision making and communication.

After reading so far, I hope you understand that our management philosophy may be different that any of those that you may have experienced so far. Managing investment property is easy. You can take as many seminars as you like and follow as many gurus across the county to learn the One thing that makes us special.

I follow one Guru and that is Jesus Christ.

My Life Verse: Galations 2:20

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